By Bianca London

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' matchy-matchy double denim look may have gone down as one of the biggest fashion faux pas in history but it seems that the style shocker is coming back to haunt us.

Designer Natasha Zinko is selling a bizarre pair of High Waist Double Jeans for an eye-watering $952 (USD$695) - and they've already sold out online.

Not only do the jeans have contrasting side stripes and a layered waistband but they also have seven pockets and raw denim hems, reports Daily Mail.


The quirky garment's product's description on ShopBop reads: "Layered waistbands give these wide-leg Natasha Zinko jeans a modern high-low profile."

Natasha Zinko is a London-based jewellery and ready-to-wear designer. She is a graduate of Central St Martin's, where she studied Jewellery Design.

The British Fashion Council added her to the official London Fashion Week Calendar in June 2015.

Originally from the Ukraine, after undergoing a degree in Law, she moved to London to undertake an Art & Design Foundation at Chelsea College of Arts in 2006.

According to her biography on the London Fashion Week website, the "free-spirited collections honour the codes of the finest craftsmanship' and employ a 'playful use of colour, volume and proportions".

Experts say Zinko has a talent for highlighting the female form in whimsical and unexpected ways.

"Layered waistbands give these wide-leg Natasha Zinko jeans a modern high-low profile." Photo / ShopBop

Zinko is by no means the first designer to put a playful spin on denim.

Y Project recently created detachable jeans that can be unhooked just below your crotch and transformed into skimpy hot pants in seconds.

The quirky garment, which is officially named the "cutout transformer cotton denim jean" doesn't come cheap either - and will set you back an eye-watering $634 (£341) .

The jeans fasten together just below your crotch and under your bottom - leaving a clear flash of skin on display at all times.

The jeans, available at Opening Ceremony, are available in classic blue, white and black.
Earlier this year, Topshop came out with a line of totally clear plastic jeans, and were widely mocked for it.

But despite appearing to have become the butt of all the online jokes, the company would soon have the last laugh: the strange $100 pants are now completely sold out, and Topshop's head of design Mo Riach couldn't be happier.

"We want to disrupt. We want to do something that will get people talking," she told Elle.

"It's a positive thing. Debate and discussion is a positive thing, and we have our customers coming to our site as a result of that."

She added that the clear jeans were the result of her team deciding to take the vinyl trend "as far as it could go".

"We have done a lot of clear mattes in the past and they've been really successful, so it's like taking those trends and trying them out with denim," she said.

Made entirely of Polyurethane, the "jeans", if they can be called that, are totally see-through and earned quite a lot of attention on social media.

"Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans - guaranteed to get people talking," Topshop wrote on its website.

"In a straight leg cut, they feature classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone.

"Ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party, take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress."

Unlike some other sheer items which are sold with some sort of lining, these jeans have nothing built in to function as a cover-up.

The model on the site, however, is seen wearing them with a pair of dark booty shorts.

Needless to say, much of the Twitterverse was unimpressed. Several have voiced disbelief over the item, which sells for $102 (£55).