As the summer months edge closer, it's a reminder that short shorts, singlets and bikinis are on their way too.

Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell has come up with her top tips to shed 5kg and ensure that you look and feel your best during the upcoming swim season.

Burrell firstly recommends limiting the hours that you are consuming food throughout the day.

This means eating your first meal at around 8 or 9am, and having the last meal by 6 or 7pm at the latest.


Eating in this way will ensure your body goes through "overnight fasting" Susie tells

When we're consuming calories over a long period of time, the body stores more fat than usual and can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

"Limiting the number of hours we eat food each day has not only been shown to help optimise the hormones that control fat metabolism, but also supports a controlled calorie intake and supports weight loss," says Burrell.

Beyond timing your meals, it's also important to consider which meal is going to be your biggest.

When you dig into a high calorie meal at dinner time, you're more likely to store fat during the night.

Instead, Burrell suggests having a large, filling breakfast or lunch and sticking with a simple light dinner before bed.

"If you plan to consume a relatively large, filling meal at lunchtime, not only will you shift your calorie intake forward but you will find you are a lot more satisfied, are less likely to need any snacks, and can be satisfied at dinner," she says.

Burrell also advises cutting out those snacks you graze on during that day: They add unneeded calories to your daily intake.

For example, a few snacks or a treat during the day can add up to around 300-400 extra calories whereas eating a balanced meal will keep you fuller for longer and remove the need to snack between meals.

Burrell also recommends turning some attention to liquid calories when you're trying to slim down.

"The body does not compensate for liquid calories, which means we do not eat less when we have drunk them and they play havoc with our blood glucose levels," she says.

Instead Burrell suggests swapping out the likes of coffee or wine with a herbal tea or water instead.

While there any many factors that can help you slim down in time for summer, Burrell says it is just as important to give yourself a break and take a day off. This will help you avoid binge eating.

"It will be much easier to build yourself a strong food platform that supports weight loss most of the time."

That way you can enjoy "what life has to offer when you need to."