Randy Fenoli shares moments from his more than 25-year career in the bridal industry.

Why do brides always bring such scarily large entourages on Say Yes to the Dress?

There always seems to be so many conflicting opinions - even when the bride is trying on a dress she absolutely loves. I feel a bride needs to sit down with her entourage and have a conversation before her bridal appointment and set some rules pertaining to the style of the dress she wants, her budget, and remind them that they are her guests so they should behave with respect. However, if they did this, we wouldn't have such a great TV show.

What's the most outrageous thing you've overheard a relative of the bride say?


A mother of the bride said she wanted her daughter to look like a sexpot.

What's the hottest trend in wedding wear right now?

Everything. There are so many designers in the bridal industry and so many different looks. Whether a bride wants to look sexy, romantic, bohemian, traditional, or like a princess, there's a dress for her.

Which trend do you pray to the gods will never again become fashionable?

Almost any dress from the 1980s. The dresses were so large with enormous puffy sleeves that you could barely see the bride.

What should a wedding dress make a woman feel like?

The perfect wedding dress should make a bride look and feel the most beautiful she's ever felt in her life.

What's the most spendy dress you've helped a woman buy? One that cost $61,000.


Do many brides ever ask for a tux and pants?

I've had a few brides ask for pants, usually for same-sex marriages.

What's the weirdest frock request you've ever received?

I've had a bride who asked for a wedding gown to wear for her ceremony at the bottom of the ocean while snorkelling.

Have you seen a shift in the way couples embrace traditions?

I feel that today's brides and grooms want the wedding to represent who they are as a couple, while still keeping certain traditions alive.

What wisdom would you share with a bride the day before the ceremony?

The day before the ceremony, a bride should relax, unwind, destress, and rest up so she's at her best on her wedding day.

You often post loved-up selfies with your mum on Twitter - what's the best advice she ever gave you?

You can achieve anything you want in life as long as you're willing to work hard and make sacrifices.