A 27-year-old woman has sold all of her possessions in the hope of getting one last shot at saving her mum's life.

Lori Harris, along with her mother Lisa, raised enough money to pay for ground breaking immunotherapy treatment that wasn't available to them in the United Kingdom.

Lisa told The Sun she believes the treatment is her only shot at beating cancer, and that the tumours have already halved in size.

She began her treatment in Germany in February and has been undergoing sessions every three weeks, costing the mother and daughter over $42,000.


Lisa, who is suffering from ovarian cancer, was told in 2015 that she had just two years to live.

She began searching for a miracle after she was then told in January she'd be lucky to survive another eight weeks.

After reading about the immunotherapy treatment, which boosts the body's natural defences to cancer, Lori decided her mum needed to try it.

Taking to her mum's Go Fund Me page, Lori wrote: "My mam has had incredible results and we heard from the doctor last week that she is 'almost in remission' and 'if money was not an issue I could get her into remission sooner rather than later.

"To hear this broke my heart and to think that because she has reacted so well to the immunotherapy treatment, it is only money keeping us away from remission and a chance at a future together.

"I'm in $88,000 of debt myself, I have nothing left to sell but this is what I have to do, I will never ever give up. My mam means more than anything I could ever own."

Lori said she was heartbroken when her mum, who she calls her "idol", was first diagnosed.

"I'm an only child and yet to get married and have her grandchildren. So much will be missed if she leaves us too soon."