The newest kitchen on Auckland's Wynyard Quarter block is Feriza's. It's promising "Ottoman opulence" and has issued a cheat-sheet of Turkish dining tips for the occasion.

Top of the Good to Know list: If you are the guest of honour, you'll be expected to make a toast. You'll also be expected to stay until at least midnight, because to leave any earlier indicates the host hasn't done a good job. The pay-off? If you're dining out, tradition dictates said host picks up the bill. Say thank you, and reciprocate soon.

Turkish tea, with its hot apple-cider taste profile, is a day-to-night offering. If you've had enough, lay your teaspoon across the glass. Also consider developing a taste for raki (a spirit mostly made from grapes, and sometimes figs, often flavoured with anise). It's a customary accompaniment to mezze - especially salty cheese and sweet melon.

When you're out for dinner, order as you go because it's rude to leave food on your plate (or refuse second helpings) and whether you're in a restaurant or someone's home, don't put your handbag on the floor. It's unhygienic but it will also cause all your money to leak to the ground or, worse, encourage you to spend frivolously. Another round of raki? Serefinize!