According to reports, Prince Harry may be one step closer to tying the knot with girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Kirstie Ennis, a close friend of the Royal family, has revealed that a wedding might be on the cards for her friend Harry.

The former US marine and Paralympic hopeful let the news slip while being quizzed by reporters about attending Harry's wedding.

Ennis "pleaded the fifth", meaning that she has the right to remain silent, which made reporters press her for further information.


In response to a question about Harry and Meghan's "upcoming wedding" Ennis nodded and replied: "I don't think I'm worried about the wedding. I'm worried about the after-party."

Ms Ennis then went quiet and said "touché, true" when reminded the "fifth doesn't count in England", according to The Express.

The ex US marine was injured in battle and became friends with the prince after meeting him at a Walking With the Wounded charity event.

Ennis was injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012 that left her with brain and spine damage, a smashed jaw, arms and legs.

Earlier this month rumours came to light that Prince Harry was due to pop the question before his birthday in autumn, and it sounds like everything is right on track.