When you go on holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is calorie counting.

According to the Daily Mail, if holiday makers aren't careful, they could easily be scoffing more than 5000 calories a day at all-inclusive buffets.

Healthy food experts have revealed the very worst meals you can choose to have from the buffet that could lead to you eating more than double your recommended daily calorie intake every day.

Online health food retailer MuscleFood.com has put together a table of the most calorific and fattening food choices you can make on an all-inclusive holiday - and all together, it adds up to 5226 calories a day.


A woman's recommended daily calorie intake is 2000 calories, while a man's is 2500.

The findings revealed that you should stay away from an 800-calorie full English at breakfast if you don't want to put on too much weight, as well as the tempting pastries.

You should also try to cut down on the daytime drinking, as the regular glasses of Sangria, fizzy drinks and beer bottles can quickly add up to roughly 700 calories - and that's before you add in any night time tipples.

A BLT with fries doesn't sound as if it would be too calorific but this quick lunchtime meal can contain as many as 704 calories, so it's best to only indulge in one occasionally.

Regular snacks that come with an all-inclusive package on holiday can also add to a whopping daily calorie total.

And that's before diners sit down to dinner - the largest meal of the day for many.

A plate of steak and chips will cost you about 600 calories. Try replacing the chips with a salad for a lighter meal.

And it's best to avoid the slice of gooey 389-calorie chocolate cake if you don't want to moan at the scales when you come back from holiday.

Darren Beale, at MuscleFood.com, said: "When people book all-inclusive the buffet style eating often means portion control goes out the window. And when faced with different cuisines and food types, people tend to opt for a bit of everything.

"Overeating can be further encouraged with people wanting to get their money's worth and eating regardless of whether they are hungry.

"A couple of weeks a year of gorging on everything you love to eat and drink is nothing, but if you're prone to piling on the pounds or are conscious of the number of calories you're putting away, then there are a few easy things you can do.

"Being a little stricter at the buffet, swimming a few extra lengths of the pool or just saying no to that second plate of dinner and dessert will make a difference."