Yes, Alien Yoga really is a thing.

Yoga-lovers are contorting their stomachs into weird shapes that look like the classic vision of what an alien would look like, according to

The resulting pictures and videos - which are being posted on social media - are pretty unnerving.

The move, which is actually called Nauli, is supposed to "cleanse" the digestive system and strengthen the core through a series of abdominal movements.


It has also been around a long time, as a traditional yoga move.

According to, the somewhat unsettling move is challenging but can be easily mastered by anyone, regardless of age or experience level.

The website recommends learning from a skilled yoga teacher as it can cause discomfort if done improperly.

"Nauli cleanses the internal organs and tones the abdominal region via a side-to-side rolling motion of the abdominal muscles," the website states.

To achieve the four moves of Nauli, you have to first master Uddiyana bandha, which is where you empty your lungs and pull your abdomen under your ribcage.

Next, you perform Madhyana Nauli, Vama Nauli and Daksina Nauli - these three moves isolate and contract the central, left and right side of the abdominal muscles.

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In addition to stronger abs and better digestion, performing Nauli is also said to correct hormonal imbalances, keep your organs in tiptop shape, improve willpower and produce happiness and emotional stability.

You also get to totally freak out your friends at parties.