You often hear stories about terrible takeaways, but it's rare that you hear from the drivers who deliver that food, who have just as many horror stories to share.

Now it's their turn to spill the beans on the funniest - and weirdest - encounters they've had on the doorstep with hungry customers who have ordered a takeaway, reports the Daily Mail.

From a diner who answered the door naked, to a woman who wanted her delivery rider to hand the food to her marionette puppet, employees working for delivery service Deliveroo have shared the most memorable experiences they've ever had on the job.

1. Naked customer

A driver remembered how alarmed they were to arrive at one customer's property - only to be greeted with a hand reaching out for their food from the window.


Stepping closer, the unfortunate delivery staff member realised the hungry man awaiting his order was completely naked and had pressed himself up against the window to hide his private parts.


2. Delivery by pedalo

When a couple ordered food to Greenwich Park, the rider was expecting to deliver to two people basking in the sunshine on the grass.

But the indulgent pair were in fact relaxing in a boat in the middle of the water.
Not wanting to ruin their peaceful afternoon, they had pre-paid for another pedalo for the delivery driver to hop into.

He made his way across to them, food in hand, so they could enjoy a meal on the water.

3. Champagne tip

One customer had a nifty solution when he realised he didn't have enough cash to tip his rider with - one that is sure to be encouraged by delivery drivers up and down the country.

The Liverpudlian diner offered his rider a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne as a generous tip for his service.


4. Puppet customer

A rider was asked to deliver to one of London's most iconic hotels one morning.

But in a bizarre turn of events, when she got there the customer asked her to hand the food to her "friend": a marionette puppet named Gretchen.

5. Shameless affair

A rider was delivering a bottle of wine to a romantic dinner for two - so far, so charming.

But when the driver reached the address, it was all too clear the candlelit dinner was a little more sordid than it first appeared.

The customer was on the phone as he opened the door, lying to the poor woman on the line: "I'm really sorry babe, but I don't think I'm going to make it out to your birthday. Feeling rubbish, so just going to have an early night at home."


6. Fake it until you make it

Is there anything better than being on holiday with your friends and sipping something alcoholic by the pool?

Unfortunately for a group of six men who wanted to enjoy a few tipples one weekend, they were in Newcastle and only had a paddling pool to dip their toes into.

But it made one delivery driver's night when he found the grown men sitting in the children's pool drinking beer.

7. Hospital food

Not all the delivery drivers' stories were alarming, or strange. Some were rather heart warming.

One rider memorably delivered food to a hospital when an elderly woman in Manchester grew sick of her meals there.

But not wanting to offend her nurses, she transferred the takeaway onto her hospital tray - and asked her rider to stay with her for a chat while she ate her dinner.


8. Boss baby

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when a rider in Bath rang the doorbell of one house, until a three-year old answered the door.

The demanding youngster sent the rider to her playhouse in the garden, and asked him to knock on the door.

The toddler opened the little door, took the food and, much to the amusement of rider and onlooking mum, handed the rider a $500 Monopoly note.

The child then said "Thank you Mr Deliver man, you earned this", and closed the door again.

9. Uphill struggle

Hills are the nemesis of a delivery cyclist, so one rider was very grateful when he received encouragement from a rowdy stag do group on a particularly steep incline in Bristol.

One of the stags even gave him a push up the hill to help, as the rest shouted 'dig deep!' at the rider.

10. Delivering romance

A delivery driver in Birmingham found himself in the middle of a proposal when a love-struck customer rushed out to meet him before he reached the door so that he could hide the engagement ring in a chocolate fondant.

The couple had shared the indulgent dessert on their first date together.

We hope his lucky fiancé said yes - but the rider didn't stick around for long enough to find out.