Sleepless nights, a severely restricted social life and a dwindling bank account are just a few of the things that can make parenting tough.

It's why most mums and dads would admit to occasionally looking wistfully back on life before kids with new appreciation - however much they adore their bundles of joy.

But would you ever actually go back and change things? And if so, would you dare to admit it?

The taboo question was posed on Reddit - and some parents were very candid...


Hundreds of people took to the forum to admit that, if they had their time again, they would have done things differently, the Daily Mail reported.

One person confessed that they regret having children, and made the point that you never really get to 'try out' being a parent to decide whether or not you like it.

Others said they wished they had never had children, but added that if they lost them now, they'd be devastated.

One man explained that it wasn't having children that was his problem, but the woman he'd had them with.