They're the Tinder date escape posters that went pear-shaped.

A Newcastle pub in the New South Wales Hunter region has taken down posters which appeared to mock anti-sexual harassment signs which encourage women in to let hotel staff know if they fell unsafe.

Those signs, part of recent women's safety initiatives in some pubs, are placed in women's bathrooms to let women know they can tell bar staff, sometimes through ordering a secret drink, like an "Angel Shot" or "Asking for Angela" if they are feeling uncomfortable or feeling threatened on a date, and staff could help them out.

The signs in the men's bathrooms at Newcastle's Crown and Anchor Hotel encouraged "blokes" to "order a Blue Crown Bitter" if the woman they were with on a date looked nothing like her photo, wouldn't stop talking about herself, of if a blind date was "going horribly wrong".


"Order a Blue Crown Bitter and one of our friendly bartenders will escort you to your car," the sign said.

Ordering a Blue Crown Bitter with a shot would see bar staff call the bloke a cab or an Uber.

"Order a Blue Crown Bitter with a double shot and we will call the police".

The pub received a "small number" of complaints and has removed the posters for rewording, Fairfax reported.

The pub's management also provided a picture of similar signs in the women's bathrooms, showing the copy was identical except for women it had replaced the words about a woman "talking about herself" to "on a first date they're getting their creep on", and replaced Blue Crown Bitters with Blue Crown Cocktails.

The signs were "not intended to be disrespectful in any way towards campaigns that promote sexual violence awareness and personal safety" and the hotel had received "positive feedback from our patrons", the pub's management said.

It added a few female patrons had ordered Blue Crown Cocktails and been assisted in the past month.