Former President Barack Obama has always had an admirable swagger.

Remember the gifs of him announcing Bin Laden's death and basically dropping the mic before leaving the podium?


And then there was the time he actually did drop the mic...



At a time when news of American politics seems to be disenfranchising almost everyone who doesn't have Trump as a last name, the country voted for a sexist orange man whose inner circle of advisers seem to be condemned on a daily basis.

Let's take a look at someone who works towards positive goals and is a total champ in and out of office.

It comes as no suprise that Obama's casual cool vibe has gone from strength to strength through the years, and his latest open-collar shirt look has got fans fist-pumping.

The 'chillollar'

Obama was speaking at a convention in Milan when he debuted his chill collar - chillollar? - look.

With his shirt unbuttoned and no tie to speak of, Obama gave us relaxed vibes at the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation summit where he delivered a keynote speech on food security and the environment.

GQ says the look is "too casual" and not ok for someone "over the age of 26" but I say GQ doesn't know diddly squat and their call is totally ageist (almost too obviously and therefore possibly a trap).

United States former President Barack Obama waves after delivering his speech in Milan. Photo / AP
United States former President Barack Obama waves after delivering his speech in Milan. Photo / AP

Low-key in leather

Trump had just dropped a few tweets accusing Obama - without offering evidence - of illegally surveilling Trump Tower during the campaign. At the time I was unsure why Trump would bother raising this - I think my exact words in the newsroom were "whatever bro" - he already won the election and it was so obviously a ploy to distract the media from something.

Obama may have thought the same, as he was pictured leaving the National Gallery of Art in Washington looking super relaxed and cultured wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans.

Usually I would advise the average Joe against a brown leather jacket as anything that isn't a standard black biker reminds me of Kel's grey pleather jacket and matching man bag in Kath and Kim. Obama is not an average Joe.

Palm Springs Obama

Twitter lost it after Obama was spotted looking very relaxed in Palm Springs last year.

Straight after his time in office came to an end and Trump's inaugaration was attended by basically no one, Obama was spotted in shorts, a t-shirt and his hat on backwards.

The look came at a time when Trump was rapidly putting his stamp on bills and the whole world was dreading what he'd action next.

It was a confronting sight, seeing Obama had fully signed out and was 100 per cent no longer on duty.

And then he was really cool about this


Appearing with his anger translator Luther - a character from sketch TV show Key and Peele who is also my spirit animal and idol - Obama gave his farewell address at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Yeah, a few people in the audience aren't laughing, but it's cool, they just didn't get it.