Whilst a lot of thought goes into the colour scheme and decor of your bedroom, have you ever stopped to think about the layout of your boudoir?

According to one feng shui expert, there's one design mistake that many people make when it comes to designing their bedroom and it's wreaking havoc on their sleep and in turn their overall health, reports the Daily Mail.

Speaking to My Domaine, feng shui expert Laura Cerrano said that one of the most vital elements of designing your bedroom is to ensure you leave equal room on both sides of the bed and never have it pushed up against the wall.

As Laura explains: "This is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner."


She acknowledges that this isn't always possible in smaller spaces so even sparing so much as an inch will work wonders.

"Besides that, having two side tables and lamps is a great go-to general recommendation because it relates to balance," she adds.

According to experts, your bed should never be placed up against the wall. Photo / Getty
According to experts, your bed should never be placed up against the wall. Photo / Getty

Laura explains that the flow of energy and position of your furniture can improve your sleep because it makes you feel more calm and tranquil, which, in turn, enhances your snooze.

She also explains that it's essential that you have a view of the bedroom door from your bed but aren't fully in alignment with it.

"This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life," she said.

She also notes that the same principle applies for the bathroom door, which your bed should never be in alignment with because it's an energy drain.

If the balance and energy flow is out of whack, you're less likely to have a restful night sleep, which can cause a number of health issues.