She's known for her incredible body-transformation and now Simone Anderson is sharing tips on how she maintains a healthy lifestyle after shedding a massive 92 kilograms.

The 26-year-old emerged as an inspiration for others after she turned her life around by devoting herself to a new regime that made her well-being her number one priority.

The next challenge has been to make sure the weight stays off. Ms Anderson told Daily Mail Australia that planning exercise into her calendar is a key to her success.

"I view it like any other important event and don't more or change it for anything," she said.


With over half a million followers on social media, the Aucklander has continued to work hard to stay fit, healthy and looking great.

Her top tips include being organised and prepared for the week ahead.

"I like to spend a couple of hours each Sunday planning what meals I want for the week, then going food shopping and finally prepping meals and snacks," Ms Anderson said.

Simone also likes to ensure she always is carrying a water bottle. "I find if I am well hydrated then it also makes a huge difference in my energy levels."

With an ever-growing sense of motivation to inspire others Ms Anderson still has challenges citing her biggest weakness as snacking. She said the key is to be prepared with something nutritious.

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"Ensuring I have good, healthy and easy snacks on hand means it helps choose a healthy option over something that is unhealthy or more convenient.

"Some of my biggest challenges when trying to stick to a routine and being health conscious is still trying to maintain a social lifestyle," she reveals.

"It was a huge change during the first few months learning to switch a glass of wine with friends and dinner for a morning walk and smoothie. But these small daily changes add up long term and mean it just becomes your new lifestyle."

In a normal day Ms Anderson will kick things off with 45 minutes to an hour of either weight training or a gym class that is weights based.


She currently works out daily, if not twice a day.

As a result of the mass interest accumulated around her transformation Ms Anderson also dedicates a portion of her routine to communicate with her followers who leave messages and comments for her when she is not working as a professional make-up artist.

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The make-up-artist believes in switching up her diet each day or week so she doesn't get sick of eating the same foods but on an average day will eat a variation of her typical healthy meal plan.

Currently, Ms Anderson has many goals but her main two focuses are to run a half marathon this year, and to travel and see as much of the world as possible.

She is also continuing to use her transformation experience to help and motivate others, although she confesses initially sharing her story was a "selfish" decision to keep herself accountable to help achieve her goals.

"Now seeing how many people it has affected and how many people have decided to change their own lives because of me is something I am so proud of.

"I will continue to post and create new and exciting recipes for as long as others find some sort of benefit from it," she said.

That includes offering advice to those looking to change themselves for the better. Her biggest piece of advice is for anyone looking to make a change to include their friends and family in their decision.

"Tell as many people around you including your friends and family, the more people you tell the more accountable you feel and the more driven you feel to achieve and stick to your goals."

She added it is a key factor to attempt to maintain balance: "For me, I never cut out any food group as then it would feel like a fad diet and I wanted it to feel like a long term lifestyle change.

"Try not to focus on the big end goal, set yourself lots of small short term achievable goals along the way. These help keep you motivated and on track the entire journey."

Simone's typical meal plan

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A protein shake with a banana and milk

Morning Tea:

A small handful of mixed nuts for and a piece of fruit


An omelette with veges


Brown rice, salmon, avocado and a hard boiled egg.


I like to have a tea after dinner which stops my craving for anything sweet!