So you know how coffee scrubs are super popular on Instagram? They're exfoliating body scrubs made from actual ground coffee and get rid of all your dead skin cells.

If you didn't know - well, it's totally a thing - and two Aussie women are leading the powerhouse brand fuelling this trend.

Frank Body was founded in 2014 by Melbourne women Jess Hatzis, 30, and Bree Johnson, 29, and has quickly become a modern beauty empire, turning over $20 million revenue annually and racking up almost 700,000 followers on Instagram.

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It might sound like an unusual recipe for entrepreneurial success, but Hatzis and Johnson have made their millions by convincing women to take photos of themselves slathered in their body scrub. They've sold two million packets of the stuff so far.


The brand is so popular on social media that when the duo announced a new product would be released on May 1 - a 'Shimmer Scrub' that exfoliates your body and makes it shiny - 55,000 people signed up to the waiting list, reports

The scrub costs $19.95 and contains a glow powder made from tiny gold and silver particles, ground coffee beans, salt, sugar and grape seed oil.

"We wanted to give our customers something they had never tried before, using a product we knew they loved," Ms Hatzis told

"It is a similar formula to our original coffee scrub, with the added benefit of shimmer when applied to skin. It's also packaged in a holographic bag, an obvious departure from our traditional packaging," Ms Hazsis said.

"Stepping away from our traditional packaging was a risk, but we knew our customer would love the holographic packaging, which is also having a fashion moment. Who doesn't love shiny things."

She said this launch has been the brand's "most successful to date" and orders will start shipping out on Monday.

The Shimmer Scrub is available online from Monday.