Many of us end up in jobs we're not entirely satisfied with, because we believe we don't have the talent to succeed in our dream careers.

But according to a business expert, natural ability is not the crucial factor in career success - in fact, it's not even on the list.

According to John Rampton, an online marketing guru, who has been named the third most significant online influencer in the world by Entrepreneur magazine, resilience is the characteristic you need the most to rise to the top, reports Daily Mail.

'Over the past couple years I've realized that talent truly is overrated,' he explained. 'It's the mentally tough people who succeed in life.'


John says that there are 10 key behaviours that prove you're mentally tough, and if you can embrace at least a few of them you will be on the road to success.

1. Emotional Intelligence

People who are emotionally intelligent are good at identifying and dealing with their own feelings and those of others.

If you're not strong on this front, you can develop it by working on qualities such as empathy; aiming for a better work-life balance and letting go of being a perfectionist.

2. Lack of entitlement

If you let go of the idea that you somehow deserve the best opportunities in life, then you'll be more capable of tackling challenges when they arise.

3. Flexibility

Mentally tough people are able to look for different solutions to problems as they arise.

If you always stick doggedly to the same strategy, you'll only ever get the same results.

4. The four c-words

These four characteristics are seen as the cornerstones of mental toughness: confidence; challenge, as in the ability to embrace it; control, or believing you are in charge or your destiny, and commitment to achieving your goals.

5. Being forward thinking

Resilient people see the past as something they can learn from, but don't dwell on it.

Instead, they make sure they don't make the same mistakes again and then move on.

6. Calmness

Keeping your temper is crucial to managing difficult situations and those who are mentally tough are good at keeping a cool head.

If you feel your anger levels rising, take a deep breath and step back from the situation until you calm down.

7. Postitive attitude

People with great mental fortitude are not natural complainers.

Occasional venting is perfectly natural, but it's best to focus your energy on finding solutions rather than being negative.

8. Sense of urgency

Rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen - whether they're good or bad - mentally resilient people are always engaged and connected to the situation around them.

They're always identifying the good and bad, recognising opportunities and spotting threats, and dealing with all these things immediately.

9. Consistency

All the good habits in the world only matter if you apply them time and again.

In the same way as an athlete won't succeed if they keep missing training, you need to stick to schedules, keep setting goals, continue to build the best team around you and always embrace responsibilities.

10. Gratitude

No matter what challenges you've faced, it's important to be appreciative of the things that have gone right.

Even if a business has failed, for example, you should be grateful for the lessons you've learned and use them to improve things next time around.