I've never been one to slather myself in body lotion. I love them (especially the perfumed kind) but they've never seemed necessary for everyday use - more a luxe add-on, the type of beauty ritual reserved for weekends or date night.

And then my skin packed a sad. It got drier and my arms started to itch. My heels felt tight, my elbows a little scratchy. The cause was nothing more than change of season but it gave me a taste of the torment anyone with dry, sensitive or reactive skin faces - probably every day but definitely in winter.

Winter dries out the skin, especially if it's already fragile. Cold temperatures can spell disaster for overly reactive types. Air conditioning and indoor heating don't help either. My skin isn't sensitive and thankfully I don't have the problems faced by anyone with horribly dry skin. But any skin can become uncomfortable when the weather turns.

For many years Aveeno's Daily Moisturising Lotion (currently $10 at Countdown) has been my lube of choice. It has no discernable fragrance (it won't compete with your EDT), it's non-oily and it absorbs well. There are other products in the Aveeno range more specifically suited to chronically dry skin but this is a great, affordable everyday body moisturiser if you aren't overly itchy or irritated. My husband also uses it on his (non-shiny) shaved scalp.


If you're after an all-natural option, it really doesn't get much better than Dr. Hauschka. The German brand has essentially led the way when it comes to the development of quality plant-based skincare and its Almond St John's Wort Soothing Body Oil ($47) is a great example of a natural soother that helps the skin maintain its proper moisture levels.

When it comes to special occasions, few scented body creams are better than Lalicious. Made with shea butter, safflower oil, aloe and vitamin E, the range is nourishing and protecting and leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin. Try Lalicious Sugar Reef Body Butter ($66), which has a delicate fragrance and applies like a light lotion (no tedious rubbing-in) with all the hydrating power of an uber cream. A brilliant gift.