If you're looking at adopting a dog, consider opting for a senior dog. Contrary to popular belief, they can learn new tricks - but more importantly, they need you. Statistically speaking, old dogs don't have the best luck at adoption shelters, with most people opting for cuter, younger pups. Here are just some of the reasons we reckon older dogs rock:

They're adorable

Do we really need to elaborate? Like a great wine, lots of dogs get better with age.

They're housetrained already

One of the greatest benefits of adopting an older dog is that they've (usually) been trained already and can understand basic commands. Of course there are exceptions but in that case you should know...

They can learn new tricks

Despite the old saying, dogs can be trained at any age and are just as smart (if not smarter) than many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed puppies. They also have longer attention spans which can make them easier to train.


They're laid back as ever

The older the dog, the more likely they'll be a bit of a couch potato - which makes your job as an owner that little bit easier. That isn't to say they don't need regular exercise - all dogs do - but, generally speaking, they won't tire you out like a younger pup might.

You could be saving a life

Probably the biggest reason to adopt an elderly dog (or any pet, for that matter) is that you might be saving their life. Often old dogs are overlooked in favour of younger, more conventionally 'cute' dogs. Old dogs are just as deserving of our love and most of the time there are still years of four-legged friendship ahead.