You don't need to be a cat person to love their cartoon counterparts - check out our top picks of the most iconic and enduring animated felines throughout history.

Felix the Cat
Though his origins remain disputed, Felix the Cat dates back to the early 1900s, with his first appearance taking place in a Paramount Pictures short entitled Feline Follies. Since then, the mischievous black-and-white cat has become one of the most recognisable cartoon characters in the history of film. From DJs and music video appearances to The Simpsons and pet food - Felix's influence remains, even a century after his creation.

The Aristocats
There are numerous Disney cats that could have made this list but The AristoCats tops the list as an enduring favourite. Based on a story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe, the animated musical film revolves around a family of well-to-do cats and a helpful alley-cat acquaintance. On its release in 1970, the film grossed US$10 million in domestic rentals - a huge amount of money at the time. With several re-releases in the decades that followed, the family favourite film boasts a lifetime gross of US$55.7 million.

Whether you love or hate Garfield, chances are you've heard of him - as the world's most widely syndicated comic strip, the lasagne-loving, opinionated ginger cat has graced almost 3000 newspapers and journals in its 40 years of existence.


Fritz the Cat
This one's not for kids. Created by oddball American cartoonist Robert Crumb, Fritz the Cat is a feline con artist who finds himself in all kinds of extraordinary situations (including sexual escapades). What began as a character in Crumb's homemade comic books became in 1972 a successful animated film - the first to receive an X Rating in the US. Sadly, Crumb ended the comic strip in the same year the film came out due to disagreements with its creators.

Tom Cat
Ahh, Tom and Jerry - one of the most famous rivalries in the world of animation. This slapstick-esque Hanna-Barbera creation was the highest-grossing animated short film series of its time, overtaking even Looney Tunes.