Move over Creme Eggs, because this combo may well be the best treat available at Easter.

If you're a fan of coffee and chocolate eggs - behold.

A little cafe in Cork, Southern Ireland, known as Union Grind Espresso Bar, has grabbed global attention for their coffee fusion just in time for Easter, according to

It's simple and delicious, and involves a serving coffee inside of a humble chocolate Easter egg.


And for those who don't like coffee, they do a hot chocolate inside a chocolate egg too.

The espresso bar shared the concoctions on Facebook and Instagram, and was met with thousands of comments and ticks of approval.

"If only we were in Ireland," one person wrote.

"We need to find this ... a new idea for Easter eggs," another posted.

By placing the chocolate egg inside the coffee cup, the barista then pours the coffee (or hot chocolate if you're avoiding caffeine) into the egg.

And while the invention is being made on the other side of the world, it's easy enough to replicate at home.

So maybe stock up on a few eggs before your next coffee date.