She's one of the most desirable women in the world but Katy Perry still needs reassurance from time to time.

Having filled her Instagram feed with unflattering pictures designed to amuse her fan base, the I Kissed A Girl singer Googled herself for ''hot'' pictures on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

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The search, which garners 4.9million results from bikinis to red carpet shots, proved to the musician that she really is a Teenage Dream when she discovered a smoking hot picture of herself in Daisy Dukes, with a bikini on top.

was feeling insecure about my last two posts so

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The day before, she found the humour in announcing her fourth album cover to feature a make-up free, messy hair throwback of the Nineties.


An April Fool's joke, no less, from the hilarious musician who wrote: "Been plotting in the same type of sports bra from my IM and laminated calendar since 99".

Not only is Katy desirable but she is also unforgettable, it seems, because this week Katy's ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom was seen carrying her cute dog, Butters.

It's a surprise since the power couple split last month after first getting together in February 2016.

Similarly, Katy's ex-husband Russell Brand revealed last week that he still has a "very warm" feeling towards gorgeous Katy.

Speaking candidly on Thursday's John Bishop In Conversation on channel W, the new dad gave further insight into the high-profile marriage, and split.

He said of Katy: "I have come away from that experience and I still feel very warm towards her.

"When I hear about her or see her, I think 'Ah, there's that person, that person in the world'."

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Russell blamed their split in 2011 on fame and their hectic schedules.

"Katy was obviously very, very occupied and busy. I was occupied and busy but not to the same degree."

Even ex-boyfriend John Mayer this week confessed that his new song Still Feel Like Your Man is about Katy.

"Who else would I be thinking about?" he told New York Times. "And by the way, it's a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years.

"That was my only relationship. So it's like, give me this, people."