Pete Evan's wife Nicola Robinson, formerly known as Nicky Watson, has been vocal about the upcoming removal of her breast implants.

And on Saturday, the former Kiwi model managed to find a link between an image of a bat that had flown into her bedroom and her upcoming surgery, the Daily Mail reports.

After claiming the nocturnal creatures symbolise transformation, the personality spoke candidly about her own metamorphosis, expressing regret for "naively" sewing the implants into her chest.

Shikoba, Anaïs & I awoke to a bat flying around our bedroom this morning... 🦇

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"Shikoba, Anaïs & I awoke to a bat flying around our bedroom this morning..." Nicola captioned the confronting close-up of a lost bat on Saturday.


Shortly after, fans began reminding the paleo personality that bats symbolised "rebirth".

Ultimately, the chorus of comments discussing the animal's transformational powers prompted Nicola to once again remind her fans she was getting a breast explant.

"On the 2nd of May I'm finally freeing myself of the two burdensome implants that I naively had sewn into my chest back when I was seeking self acceptance in all the wrong places," she began the lengthy comment.

"I definitely feel like my whole being is going to feel a whole new sense of liberty."

Threading the tangent back into the post's original subject matter, she added: "I felt so blessed to have experienced such a unique little visitor."

Soon after, another fan ignored Nicola's attempts to steer the conversation back to the transformational power of bats, instead expressing regrets for her own breast implants.
In response, the model offered a second lengthy reply.

"It's been such an intrusive, expensive & painful journey to find my way to true self love," she wrote.

"I felt an immense amount of guilt for choosing what I once viewed as pure vanity, but in truth it all just boils down to a deep fear that I learned from a very young age."

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Moving onto her second consecutive comment, she added: "I'm actually really looking forward to just having teeny, tiny little bewbs that are all mine (sic)."

"It's the operation & the recovery time that has been my deepest fear, hence the reason I've put it off for far too long! 19 years ago I thought big bewbs were glorious, now I view all bewbs as truly glorious, miraculous, life nourishing gifts, no matter what their appearance might be (sic)," she added.

Nicola did not mention the lip fillers and Botox she had admitted to regretting in a previous post.

The nutrition enthusiast is rapidly approaching her May 2nd explant appointment date.

Fans will be able to follow her journey in the lead up to surgery, with the personality known for being very responsive to any queries on the matter.