Essential socks and undies are the go-to present many of us gift.

But before splashing out on a new pair of 24 karat gold undies, you might want to check your bank balance.

Australian company aussieBum have created the world's most expensive pair of undies, retailing at an eye-watering AU$14,500 ($15,859 NZD), according to Daily Mail.

For the cost of a small car, you can spoil the man in your life with a custom-designed pair of undies.


The company had the 24 karat gold yarn developed in Germany and knitted into fabric in Queensland.

aussieBum is the brainchild of Australian Sean Ashby, who founded the company in 2001 and said the idea for the golden underwear came from Australia's gold mining days.

"The Gold Rush era was one of the most exciting and prosperous times of Australian history. I'm mesmerized by the thought that people travelled from around the world to seek their fortunes in Australia," Mr Ashby said.

The company have already sold one pair of the gold undies and are running a competition to give away another three pairs.

And for those out there who think it may be an April Fool's joke, a company representative told Daily Mail Australia it wasn't the case.