A man was horrified to find a maggots crawling on the chocolate treat he bought from Woolworths, and said his friend made the disgusting discovery too late.

Farhad Navidi, 27, initially thought the larvae was just a fleck of white chocolate in the Ferrero Rocher ball - until it started moving, according to Daily Mail.

Navidi said he bought the chocolates from a Woolworths store in Toorak in Melbourne.

He posted a video of the maggot to the supermarket's Facebook page.


He wrote that he thought he might have accidentally purchased a Ferrero Raffaello given the white look of the Rocher.

"It must be my lucky day because I never knew Ferrero Rocher came in a white chocolate. But then it started moving," Navidi wrote.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Navidi said his friend Sherken Mossama, 27, had put it in his mouth first, only to realise something was not right.

"He took it out and saw it was almost hollow with holes in it. He then yelled C'MON really loudly when he saw some maggots in the wrapper.

"We opened up a few more of the chocolates from the same box and saw they all had maggots in them."

The video opens with a maggot crawling outside of a Ferrero Rocher, and one crawling inside the wrapper.

Farhad Navidi, 27, says that maggots were crawling around in all the chocolates he opened in the box. Photo/Farhad Navidi/Facebook
Farhad Navidi, 27, says that maggots were crawling around in all the chocolates he opened in the box. Photo/Farhad Navidi/Facebook

The pair were quick to get rid themselves of the nightmare upon seeing the other chocolates containing the insects.

"We were so disgusted we just threw them out."

In response to Navidi's inital Facebook post, Woolworths responded by saying: "We're very concerned about this, Farhad, and take incidents like this very seriously."

Navidi says that he was contacted personally by Woolworths and offered an apology and a voucher.

A Ferrero Australia spokesperson told the Herald Navidi was contacted as soon as company staff were made aware of the issue and have established the maggots didn't originate during production:

"We contacted the consumer as soon as this was brought to our attention and resolved the matter to their satisfaction. Meal Moth can penetrate the product's exterior, but we can confirm that the incident did not occur in any of our facilities."

They also stressed that the chocolates need to be carefully stored "from production to consumption."

"Ferrero pays high attention to the quality of its products, which need to be carefully stored from production to consumption to preserve their characteristics. We take the concerns of our consumers very seriously, as their satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Ferrero.

"Ferrero takes great care to guarantee the quality standards of its products. All our production plants implement the highest preventive measures necessary for the safety and the quality of our products."