The last meal is a death-row tradition that stretches back decades, where inmates about to be executed can tuck into one final meal of their choosing.

Some prisoners plump for the most extravagant meals they can think of, such as lobster tail and a prime cut of steak. Others opt for their favourite foods, whether it's KFC or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

But when everyday people were asked what they would order for their last meal, many said they would choose something poisonous or that they were allergic to - so they could have a quick death or try to cheat the system.

Non-criminals took to Quora to reveal what their final meal would look like if they were sentenced to death - and some of the answers were surprisingly cunning, or just hilarious.


Some said they would choose a food they were allergic to, such as cinnamon or bananas, in the hope of a quick death or so the guards would take them to hospital.

Kate Scott answered "bananas", which she is allergic to.

"Others may have mentioned this tactic, but I'm allergic to bananas. It would be interesting to see if they go through the effort of taking me to the hospital to revive me (because "policies"!) and then rescheduling my death.

"BOOM! Extra couple of days to keep plotting my escape."

Others said they would choose fugu - blowfish - prepared by a trainee Japanese chef, which can kill a person if the toxic parts are not carefully removed first.

One favourite from Caroline Zelonka was "endless soup and salad buffet, which I would eat very slowly until the governor called with my pardon".

But the rest stuck to tradition and said they would choose their favourite meal, or the most extravagant feast they could think of.