A children's shoe company has been slammed by parents over its range of high heels for babies, reported the Daily Mail.

Pee Wee Pumps, based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, creates soft slippers with pointed toes and collapsible heels for infants up to six months old.

The leopard print, zebra print and satin styles, which have names like "Sassy", "Diva" and "Glamorous", are promoted on the brand's Instagram page with photographs of children dressed up in extravagant, adult-like costumes.

Parents criticised the controversial brand on Facebook this week, claiming it is "disgusting" and that the images "sexualised" young girls.


Posting on the Let Clothes Be Clothes Facebook page, which "calls for an end to gender stereotypes in children's clothing". One parent wrote: "Those pictures are actually disturbing". Another added: "They're revolting and completely unnecessary".

It is not the first time the company has come under fire. In 2015 mummy bloggers spoke out against the brand, describing the designs as "utterly hideous".

Information on the Pee Wee Pumps website reveals how the shoes, which cost up to 30 US dollars, are designed to be "just like mom's favorite pair of pumps only in a miniature size." It promises: "Pee Wee Pumps will be your daughter's first fashion statement."

The shoes feature soft heels that compress under pressure. The website states: "The flexible soft shoe will form to your daughter's foot, whether it's narrow or wide, while its adjustable strap allows the shoe to stay on and provides a comfortable fit."

Details for the "Wild Child" model claim it is a "ferociously fabulous leopard print" style while the original "Diva" design claims to be "the perfect way to add that flashy finish to a dress, jeans or one-piece romper".

Pee Wee Pumps founder Michele Holbrook told MailOnline that the shoes are intended as a "cute" and "funny" prop for photos and are only intended for infants up to six months, roughly three to six months before a child takes their first steps.

There are also a number of positive reviews on the website, with parents pointing out they are a "cute" and "silly" accessory for photographs.

However dozens of parents were horrified by the shoes and the website, with one writing on Facebook: "You are disgusting. This is sexualisation of children. Let them play play play and not at being glamour models."

Another posted: "Dear god, why is that infant doing a boudoir session?"

One parent added: "Omg those are so creepy. Just eew. Why would you even want to do that, even if they are soft and won't damage their feet they look so gross."

Ms Holbrook continued: "I am a mother first and foremost I would never endanger a baby in any way. Pee Wee Pumps are considered by most people to be a photo prop just as the tutus, headbands or lacey rompers that parents also use in photo shoots.

"People are in entitled to their option so I just have to accept that people are either going to love them or hate them."