Tampons and sanitary towels are needed every month when women are on their periods but did you know that they have a whole bunch of other uses, too?

Expert Home Tips has compiled a list of weird and wonderful ways that you can use sanitary products and it includes creating an aromatherapy inhaler from a tampon and tips to help start a fire, reports the Daily Mail.

Sanitary towels can mop up spillages on the floor and tampons can be used to stop nose bleeds so before you put the box back into your drawer for another month, see if you can put them to good use elsewhere.

Use as a bandage

If you've cut yourself and there are no bandages or plasters in your cupboards then don't fear.


Grab a sanitary towel and pull it apart. They're the perfect thing you need to help absorb blood quickly.

Mop up sweat

Expert Home Tips claims Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg wears a woman's sanitary towel inside his crash helmet which ensures that his eyes aren't affected when he starts to perspire.

If you need to deal with unwanted sweat when wearing a helmet then simply reach for a sanitary towel.

Aromatherapy inhaler

A creative use for a plastic tampon applicator is an aromatherapy inhaler.

It would make a fun (and certainly memorable) gift for a friend. Follow the instructions at Our Peaceful Planet and make your own.

Stop nosebleeds

You may have seen this nifty trick on television or in a film. Suffering from a nosebleed? Soak up blood from your nose quickly using a tampon.

The incredibly absorbent cotton makes it perfect for stopping nose bleeds.

Start a fire

Tampons can be used for survival, too. If you're lost in the woods in desperate need of warmth, you'll now know what to do.

Tampons can be pulled apart and used as fire tinder so you won't go cold again.

Remove nail polish

If you've run out of cotton buds, pull apart a tampon or used a sanitary towel instead.
Pour on the nail polish remover and dab at your fingers and toes.

Make heel pads

Off on a big night out? Later, when your feet are in pain, whip out some sanitary towels and place them in your shoes.

They'll even soak up any sweat from all that dancing.

Block out drafts

If you're on holiday in a caravan and feeling the cold, you can place your sanitary towels around draft windows, doors and unnecessary vents to keep it draft-free and dry.

Create toe separators

Use multiple tampons as toe separators while you paint your toenails in a lovely colour.

Now all you have to do is stay patient and wait for them to dry.

Make a survival straw

If you're lost in the woods (again), you can use the tampon as a survival straw.

Take apart the applicator and remove the cotton, stuffing it into the larger section. With this, you can drink from puddles without sucking up any sediment.

Clean up spillages on the floor

If you spill a drink on a laminated or hard surface then don't fear. Simply grab a thick pad - which is super absorbent - and gently press it against the spilled substance.

It will soon soak all of it up and it's easy to do.

Soothe a hot head

If you have a fever or are simply feeling hot, dampen a sanitary pad by running it under a tap.

Place it in the freezer for a short while and it will cool you down in no time at all.

Donate them

If you don't fancy trying any of these tips or tampon tricks then there is something else you can do with your sanitary products.

Search online for your nearest foodbank or shelter and donate a box of sanitary products to them. It will help the homeless or those without much money and they'll be sure to be put to good use.