Working in a hotel is bound to bring with it some quirks, whether that's demanding guests or curious requests.

However, even the most jaded of concierges may raise an eyebrow at some of these confessions.

According to The Daily Mail Reddit user nicholaevna asked fellow members: "Hotel staff of Reddit, what is the creepiest, weirdest, most unexplained event that you've experienced on the job?"

It wasn't long before members of the hospitality came forward with their bizarre and chilling stories.


The majority of the bizarre instances unsurprisingly happened during a hotel workers night shifts.

Many of the confessions included tales of the supernatural with several convinced that they worked in a haunted hotel.

In one spooky incident workers could not find the source of wet footprints and eerie laughter.

An employee was left feeling shaken after an unexplained occurrence in the ballroom.

Many employees were left unsettled by the disturbing and inexplicable behaviour of a guest.

In one confession it was the guest who admitted to acting strangely but revealed that the hotel soon got used to him.

Other employees experienced very real horrors such as one maid who discovered a snake while cleaning a room.

For other Reddit users it was the staff members themselves that they found the most odd.