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You will need: Nutella and condensed milk; and no this is not a dessert recipe.

Recently the heavenly hazelnut spread has been put to another use.

A salon from the United Arab Emirates made this bizarre beauty trend popular after posting this video shared by beauty blogger Huda Kattan, who helped to make it go viral.

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The Instagram video - that has had over one million views - shows the Nutella being used as a toner for blondes to remove yellowy-orange looking tones from the hair.

The NZH Lifestyle team saw this new beauty craze trend and not being able to believe our eyes we had to give it a go. We thought to ourselves how convenient and cheap would this be if it were actually true?

We conned two blondes into trusting us with putting Nutella in their hair; meet Erin and Emma.

So did it work? Watch the full video to see what happened...

How it works

Step 1: Precautions

We made sure to have beauty professionals on hand in case anything went wrong. Thank you to Kelsey and Tessa from Loxy's Hair Boutique!

Step 2: The taste test

Taste test just to make sure it is indeed the real thing.

Step 3: Apply Nutella + condensed milk to the hair

We put Nutella in our hair, followed by condensed milk. We then waited for at least 30 minutes to make sure the Nutella and condensed milk had some time to work their magic.

Step 4: Wash the hair

In the bathroom we struggled to get the stickiest concoction ever out of our hair which took far longer than we spent putting it in. Pro tip: ensure you have lots of shampoo on hand.

Step 5: Dry the hair

In our case we were lucky enough to get an amazing blow wave from the Loxy's Hair Boutique girls... which was the most relaxing part of the experiment.

Step 6: Assess the results

Save your Nutella and condensed milk for your stomachs not for your hair because the colour did not change. Erin and Emma's hair looked better but only thanks to a great blow wave. Fortunately their hair was left sweet-smelling but this is perhaps not enough of an incentive to go through this beauty ordeal.