When she started her inspirational blog, Terminally Fabulous, Lisa Magill told Daily Mail Australia that she intended to share the good, the bad and the ugly sides of living with terminal cancer.

Tragically, Magill's latest update is a harrowing insight into the very worst part.

The 34-year-old, from Brisbane, posted a Facebook video update with the help of her family on Tuesday.

In the post, a visibly weak Magill, who is suffering from stomach cancer, detailed how much pain she is in, while also being brave enough to say thank you to her blog followers, without whom - she believes - she would not be here today.


"I am not going very well. I have been quite ill and I've been in the hospital for the past few days," Magill began the update.

"I am in pain as I speak. My chest is hurting, my stomach hurts, my pelvis hurts, everything massively hurts. I'm so weak I can't actually stand up out of my own bed."

Magill was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after her 30th birthday.

Since then, her blog has covered everything from "dating while you're dying" to her fear of missing out when she's gone.

"Over the past couple of years Lisa has fought long and hard, she has been at death's door so many times," Ms Magill's mother, Geraldine Magill, told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

"When she started her blog, she did not expect it to touch so many people the way it has, it has really inspired her to keep going and hopefully help as many people as she could along the way."

"Her fight is coming to an end now, Lisa is in so much pain and discomfort, we just want her to be at peace now. We love her so much we have to let her go.

"Lisa is now in transition from Terminally Fabulous to Eternally Fabulous."

While the inspiring blogger is in a lot of pain, she has continued to update her thousands of blog followers as often as she can.

She posted several weeks ago about her body resembling that of a "six month pregnant skeleton", and then again on Tuesday in the video.

"I don't have the strength to hold myself. I've now got to have my mum or a nurse of a friend take me to the shower and shower me so that's a lot of fun," she said.

"I wanted to let you all know that I love you and without you all I wouldn't still be here. I truly believe that."

"You kept me going and you gave me strength. Stay fabulous please, and keep on rocking."

Magill's video on Facebook has resonated with a huge audience, reaching nearly 160,000 people inside just twelve hours.

"No words. Brave and truly inspirational. Lisa and her whole family are in my thoughts and prayers," one person wrote beneath the clip.

"So strong and so so brave. Thank you for sharing your journey Lisa," another added.