From Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears right the way through to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, couples - whether they're in the limelight or not - have always liked to wear matching outfits.

But perhaps no one in the regular sphere does it quite as well as this Japanese man and woman.

The couple - who have been married for 37 years and go by the name of Bonpon511 on Instagram - wear matching outfits every single day.

Their adorable and well-coordinated photos have earned them a huge following of more than 75,000 on Instagram.


Whether they're wearing tartan, matching pleated skirts and jumpers or cute little black brogues, the couple's predominant colour themes are red, blue, grey and black.

Meanwhile their name on Instagram is said to be a fusion of their unrevealed Christian names, as well as the date that they got married.

Instagram captions reveal that the fashion-forward couple, who are in their sixties, favour labels like UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons.

However, the pair are not averse to thrift store shopping.

A recent post reveals that one kilt skirt worn by the woman was bought in a thrift store "20 years ago."

Many of their picture-perfect posts rack up thousands of likes.

"I love you two! Your love for each other shines so bright," one commenter posted recently.

"The most beautiful couple I've ever seen," another person added.