Dave Hunger is somewhat of a local legend in Stratford.

He's been running his amusement park and farm visits for the past six years.

But now he's closing his gates to the public, to work through a list of more than 70 health and safety recommendations.

"A lot of my seesaws, and swings and bridges and things have been made by myself, so they are not certified. So if someone were to have an accident, which they haven't yet, but if someone had an accident I could be prosecuted by WorkSafe for using uncertified equipment," says Mr Hunger.


Mr Hunger has no gripe with the officials who've given him the advice, but he does worry the legislation has unintended effects.

"I'm a fan of health and safety, that's common sense we all need to do it. But what has happened with the new health and safety act, is that it has come with teeth, it's come with the potential for Worksafe to deliver very large fines. SO what we have from that is people that are more interested in keeping themselves safe from prosecution, rather than keeping their employees safe," says Mr Hunger.

Among the more popular attractions, a walk in weta cave, and a swing set made out of ride on bicycles

Mr Hunger doesn't run the open days to make money, but rather because he wants to make sure local children experience rural life.

"There is no entry fee as such. People come in and make a donation, and that donation goes to charity. So it's good to get kids outside, get them away from their screens doing healthy stuff outside. It's wonderful to see whole families having really affordable wonderful days out in the country," says Mr Hunger.

Mr Hunger is not sure when he'll re-open his gates to the public. He says first he needs to work out what is achievable on his health and safety list.

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