Think you’re pretty good at taking selfies? These pets have their selfie game down-‘pat’ and will make you think again.

Manny the cat

Manny the cat knows his way around a GoPro. According to his owner @yoremahm on Instagram, Manny learned to use the device when he reached out to touch it one day during a shoot. Nek minnit, Manny was an internet sensation - second only to the Kardashians.

F R I D A Y ! ! ! #selfiecat #GoPro

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Diggy the rescue pup

Diggy the dog made headlines last year when he and his goofy smile posed for a selfie with his brand new owner shortly after being adopted. But Diggy's


almost cost him his new home, with a legal battle sparked over the ownership of pit bulls in the owner's hometown of Waterford Township, Michigan, USA. In the end it was confirmed Diggy wasn't a pit bull and he & his new owners lived happily ever after.

Chester the Pharaoh hound
Chester the Pharaoh hound knows how to take a good, casual selfie better than most humans. Check out that set of pearly whites!

The Master Smizer
When Tyra Banks brought 'smizing' (smiling with your eyes) to the world with America's Next Top Model, we bet she didn't know the classic selfie technique would make its way into the dog world too. Check out this blue-eyed beauty who puts its owner to shame with its winning smize skills.

Picture-perfect Shiba Inu

How do you get nearly 5000 likes on a single Instagram photo? Post pictures of your cute & fluffy Shiba Inu, of course. Made popular by 'Doge' memes all over the internet, Shiba Inus are known for being some of the cutest dogs around today - who always look great in photos. @uminoriharu on Instagram is no exception.

ゴキゲンなやつめ...ᵋ(๑‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅๑)ᵌ

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