Have you ever had an encounter with somebody that you still think about years later, without even knowing their name?

A reddit user has asked people for their most memorable encounters with strangers who they never saw again.

From a man who is now an artist thanks to a stranger who spent a few hours giving him a lesson, to a bullied girl who was given hope by a boy who told her she was beautiful, the tales turned out to be incredibly heartwarming, reports dailymail.

one woman revealed how she will always remember a stranger who grabbed her toddler son and stopped him from being hit by a car.


The saviour disappeared and they were never able to thank them properly.

Another redditor admitted that he met a good looking girl in a club queue and shared an intimate moment when he had the hiccups. Despite arranging to meet again the next day, she never showed up.

He signed off his post by saying that he hopes she is happy out there somewhere and playfully referred to her as "hiccup girl".