A woman who sliced off a tattoo with a scalpel and sent it to an ex-boyfriend has chopped away her little finger because she "wanted to."

Torz Reynolds, 30, from Essex, cut off her finger with bolt cutters and posted pictures of her severed finger on her Facebook page, the Daily Mail reports.

Reynolds said she had no particular reason for wanting rid of her little finger, apart from thinking that it would "look good".

She has since gushed on Facebook about how happy she is with her new-look hand and one post alongside a graphic picture, wrote: 'Healing so well and totally love it!'


However, while Reynolds is thrilled with the results of her DIY operation - not all feel the same.

Many of her Facebook followers have slammed her decision as 'crazy', 'disgusting' and "stupid."

During a rant on her page, Reynolds replied: "I do these things for myself. It's not hurting ANYBODY else. I chose to document them on Facebook because I want to share the experience with my friends."

While her latest stunt is shocking - she is no stranger to gory body modification.

Reynolds previously hacked a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend's name off her forearm, after hearing he had cheated on her.

In 2014, she learnt that ex Stuart 'Chopper' May had been living with another woman for six months, despite telling her he was moving to Alaska for work.

Reynolds had previously inked herself with a tattoo that said "Chopper's B****" but as soon as she heard of his betrayal decided that she no longer wanted the romantic tribute on her body.

It took her an hour and a half to carefully slicing the skin from her arm. She then used a pair of dissection tweezers to peel the skin back.

Afterwards, the remnants of the tattoo were put in a jar, wrapped up with a bow and sent via recorded delivery to her former lover.

Reynolds even tracked it online so she knew for definite that Chopper had received it.

She said: "I packaged it up so it really did look like a present. I even used different handwriting so he'd have no idea that it was me.

"I can't imagine what his reaction was. I wish I could have been there to see it."