Cats aren't like any other pet: they're intellectual, fussy and demanding animals whose love can make owners feel like a million bucks. But there's some things you can't know about cats until you've owned one (or, as many cat-lovers will know - until they've owned you).

They make the rules

'My house, my rules'? Think again. Cats are independent. If you think you've got a well-behaved cat, perhaps they've just got you wrapped around their paw - after all, it's what they do best.

Boxes are like palaces


That said, it's actually not that difficult to please a cat - as long as you know the right tricks. Most cats (and cat owners) will agree the simple cardboard box is one of the most highly sought-after items in the cat world - it's like prime real estate for kitties, and can provide hours' worth of fun.

Simple tasks can be complex

Once you've become a cat owner, reading the newspaper, doing homework, packing bags and eating dinner become delicate dances around the movement of our feline friends, who always want in on the action.

The internet was invented for cats

Did you know that photos and videos of cats make up some of the most-viewed content on the web? Sorry world but the internet is where cats get to shine. Forget duck-faced human selfies - cat pics are where it's at. From Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub to Maru and the late, great Colonel Meow - we're truly in the age of the cat celebrity, and we're not complaining either.

Lint rollers are mandatory...

...Unless you want to end up like this guy.