They say that there is a very thin line between love and hate - but just how thin is the line between love and lust?

A Reddit user has asked how you can tell the difference between being in love with somebody as opposed to just liking them a lot.

Hundred of users took to the forum to offer their advice - and while a few commenters insisted it's something you just "know" others provided some practical signs that could tell you whether or not it's really love and if your relationship will go the distance ...

Here are 10 of the best responses
1. They're the first person you want to tell of something good.


2. I was playing video games with my boyfriend the other day when out of the blue he switched me to controller one. I think I've found myself a keeper. (:

3. A willingness to put yourself second.

4. Serious answer: you'll know.
The difference is night and day, apples and oranges, etc.

5. One user offered a graphic response: "When you are willing to drag your balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie-talkie."

6. User Cranfordio offered a lengthy response detailing how his own experience with understanding love and infatuation played out:


In July we will be married for 24 years and all these things are still the same.



7. You just have to ask yourself if you would be able to live without them? If things went bad (knock on wood) would you truly be able to move on in life?

8. I think the rule is: if you have to ask, it's a no.

9. Your vulnerability towards the other person.

10. I read somewhere that if the person you think you like gets a really bad haircut and you're still into them it's love.