There are many ways in which married couples try to spice up their relationship - but these ways may be slightly more unconventional.

A series of hilarious photographs showcase the inventive pranks that partners have played on one another, according to the Daily Mail.

Compiled by BoredPanda, the photographs show the ingenious pranks played by the very brave husbands and wives who aren't afraid to test their partners' patience.

From taking requests a little too literally - such as filling the bathroom with bread when their partner said they wanted a 'toasty shower' - to hiding a picture of Bruce Willis in an air vent, these couples clearly believe laughter is the key to lasting love.


This man couldn't figure out why his wife kept on giggling when she told him to check the air vents until he spotted Bruce Willis hiding in them

This man's pregnant wife said that she wanted a really toasty shower so he gave her exactly that.

One father-to-be said that his wife had begun trolling him at breakfast.

One man said he had printed this vicious looking lizard out while his wife wasn't home and attached it to an air freshner so that it looks like "it sprays acid every 30 minutes".

For reasons unknown one woman covered everything in the fridge with eyes as a surprise for her husband.