It seems that every new optical illusion that crops up online claims to be trickier than the last.

But apparently only those with 'perfect perception' will be able to spot the sailor's wife in this vintage illustration, reports the Daily Mail.

The image, posted to Playbuzz by user Jenny Grisham, features a sailor looking out to sea for his wife - but it appears his darling Buttercup may not be as far away as he thinks.

In fact there's a specific trick to this puzzle - if you want to find the woman you need to look at it upside down.


The woman's face is contained between the telescope's stand and the sailor's legs.

Another vintage brainteaser to sweep the web recently features a man drawing a gun as he prepares to engage in a duel, while a group of bystanders look on - but where is his adversary?

But apparently only a tiny one per cent of the population will be able to spot the hidden assassin in this vintage illustration posted to Playbuzz.

The man is in fact on the right hand side of the photograph nestled discreetly between two trees where he blends into the background.

Another puzzle to leave players baffled is a very intricate monochrome image, posted to Playbuzz by user Name The Player.

It features a wide array of different sized capsules and tablets, all of which are black and white.

However, there's also a hidden creature discreetly nestled among the medication.

If you look closely, you will find that there's a panda hiding among the pills, but the monochrome image makes him especially difficult to see.