Plenty of people know the joy of making spontaneous friends in a bathroom on a night out - but very few receive the kind of attention this woman did.

Mahri Smith from Ottawa posted a series of selfies with her friends and an elderly woman on Twitter - and her post has already been retweeted more than 73,000 times in just 48 hours.

The 18-year-old wrote: "This lady in the washroom, looking at me, said: 'I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that.'

"So I said: 'Why miss it? We're all out right now aren't we?" Short story - we have a new friend."


Mahri, who donned a revealing bralette along with a black blazer and trousers for her night out, has garnered plenty of praise for the gesture.

Commenters have claimed that the teen didn't just make the woman's evening - but also their day.

In fact, Lenay Newman claimed: "This made my whole damn weekend."

However, other posters were far more emotional about the photos - which they said left them in tears.

A particularly impressed Adriana simply posted: "OMG MY HEART".