We all have that one colleague where you just kind of look at them and think, "So... what actually is your life? What happens when you're not in the office?"

In some cases, it can almost be strange to think of someone having a whole other life outside of the shoebox of desks you've known them in.

A Scottish man gave his colleagues some pretty deep insight into his life after he accidentally left his phone at work.

While he had a passcode on it, incoming messages could still be read in full on the lock screen.


And, uh... now he's a viral sensation.

This raises so many questions:

Why did he take a fourth sausage off Gary's plate? Why is Mum so angry about that? Why did she call him a minute before sending that text - surely they were all seated around the dinner table, especially as it was 7:54PM? If he was close enough to take a sausage from Gary's plate, why did "Gaz" then proceed to text him about it, rather than just speak? Why has this idiot still not replaced his cracked phone screen?

The moral of the story is this: do not - for the love of God - ever leave your phone out where colleagues can see it.

We are all vicious, blood-sucking gossip-hungry beasts who will use it against you for eternity.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, change your phone settings so that message previews don't show up.

Settings > Notifications > Messages > hit "Off" for Show Previews.

You're welcome.