She's the queen of bizarre fads, but if her strict regime of yoga, dieting and 'steaming' your nether regions gets too tiring, Gwyneth Paltrow has the answer for that, too - copper pillows, heated socks and a 12-hour fasting window.

They are all part of what the actress calls 'clean sleeping' - an attempt to secure at least seven or eight hours of good-quality shut-eye.

Indeed, the mother- of-two believes a good night's sleep can slow the ageing process and help maintain a healthy weight, writes Daily Mail.

'Call it vanity, call it health, but I know there's a huge correlation between how I feel and what I look like when I roll out of bed in the morning,' she says in a new book.


'I believe it should be your first priority - even before you think about your diet.'

It's news that will strike a chord with the third of Britons who admit they do not get enough sleep.

Ms Paltrow shares her formula in a book called Goop Clean Beauty.

It includes such tips as wearing heated socks to bed to regulate the temperature of your feet, sleeping on copper-infused pillowcases, and indulging in sessions of yoga nidra - a form of meditation reported to give you the benefits of sleep while awake.

The actress bans bedtime snacks and believes in a 12-hour fasting window, which means finishing dinner by 8pm and having breakfast at 8am.

To top it all off, Ms Paltrow's wellness adviser Dr Frank Lipman says taking a supplement of magnesium - known as 'nature's tranquilliser' - will help you nod off.