They're the surprise couple of 2016's The Bachelor.

And while lesbian couple Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon may be riding on a high thanks to their blossoming romance, it doesn't mean they haven't had to put up with annoying questions.

In an open letter published by Popsugar, Megan has revealed the loved-up pair are bombarded constantly for threesomes and by men who promise they can turn them straight again.

In the no-holds-barred piece, Megan says she finds it bizarre how men who are complete strangers think it is OK to solicit the couple for a threesome.


She recalled that the last time she had been propositioned was at an event, the fifth time that night.

"I gave the fellow in question - who was dressed neatly in linen boat pants and a pale blue Hilfiger shirt - a good stare, and said, 'That's a pretty rude question, don't you think?'" Megan wrote.

"Apparently I can't take a joke and am 'uptight' but I've decided to continue to be totally unfunny and deny sexual advances from strangers. Sorry not sorry, a**hole."

The Western Australian beauty also labels the constant quips from males who offer to 'turn her straight' offensive.

"What you're actually saying is that you could "turn me" from an all-sex-attracted woman into a cheater," Megan said.

Remarks about her attraction also include if they have her permission to sleep with Tiffany, and why she went on The Bachelor if she is a lesbian - to which she responds she is attracted to the person not the gender.

Megan also rebuffed claims that one of them was 'the man' in their relationship, confirming that there is no dominant partner in their couple.

It's not the first time Megan and Tiffany have spoken about perceptions around their relationship.


In an interview with Maxim Australia last year, Tiffany denied the couple's relationship was a 'showmance'.

'It just makes me sad that we live in such a cynical world where a lot of people choose to believe it is a lie rather than having trust and faith in that it is the truth,' Tiffany said.

The couple met while competing for Richie Strahan's affection on The Bachelor, becoming fast friends as they left the show.

Megan and Tiffany later revealed they started to develop romantic feelings during a June trip to Bali, with the pair finally confirming they were an item in October after months of speculation.

Recently, the blonde beauties revealed they would be moving to Bali together.