A boyfriend who wanted to trick his girlfriend into thinking he was cheating had his mean prank go monumentally wrong when she walks in with another man.

Chris Monroe, who runs the YouTube channel PrankInvasion, decided it would be funny for his girlfriend to walk in on him in bed with her best friend.

The prankster asked his girlfriend's friend and she agreed to play her part in the cruel trick.

However what the joker didn't anticipate was the his girlfriend's best friend told her and together they hatched their own revenge-prank.


In Monroe's video he's seen in bed with his partner Nicole's scantily-clad friend.

The pair chat and wait for Nicole to return home.

Little does Monroe know his girlfriend is about to return home with a guy he's never met before - her best friend's boyfriend.

He flips out when he sees the mystery man and starts trashing his apartment and confronting his girlfriend.

Nicole lets his sweat for a while before revealing it's all a joke.

Monroe falls to the floor laughing when he realises.

The funny video was filmed in America.