Why is a raven like a writing desk? This is one of the world's most famous riddles that has been left unanswered - however there are plenty that do have an answer.

Playbuzz has devised a list of infuriating word riddles, otherwise known as dingbats, to put your logistical knowledge to the test.

The player is presented with 14 dingbats each representing a word or saying but only a "logical genius" will be able to work them out, according to Daily Mail.

In several examples the riddle takes the form of nothing more than a single word and ones that aren't even in the English language.


For example the player is presented with polmomice as their only clue in one case and in another roforkad is sure to leave users scratching their heads.

Think you can master the dingbats? Take the test and prove yourself a logical genius.