The Creme egg is definitely one of Cadbury's greatest ever creations.

With its oozing white and yellow fondant centre housed inside a delicious shell of milk chocolate, the popular Easter treat is a clear favourite in the lead up to the choc-coma season.

But the humble egg may topple from top spot as the country's favourite if the new variation is anything to go by.

The new Oreo flavour, which features the same thick chocolate shell as the original, is filled with vanilla Oreo crème and biscuit filling.


Instead of the purple, red and yellow foil wrap typically associated with Easter eggs, the Oreo variation will be packaged in a blue plastic cup that will protect the egg from any possible cracks or damage.

But according to Cadbury, while the eggs clearly pose a similarity - they are two very different tasting products.

"Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are ideal for Cadbury Oreo chocolate lovers who can now treat themselves in the lead-up to Easter," their statement read.

"While they share a similar eating occasion, that's where the similarities end. Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are two very different tasting eggs."

The creamy Oreo egg, which has been available in Canada since last Easter, has now made its debut in New Zealand, with individual eggs priced at $1.69.

If the success of last year's Oreo Cadbury collaboration is anything to go by, this year's Creme egg is set to be a big hit.

James Kane, Mondelez New Zealand Country Head, says last year's launch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo block was 2016's most successful new food product launch in New Zealand.

"Kiwis have demonstrated that they love the combination of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with the world's number one biscuit, and so we decided to bring the Cadbury Oreo Easter Egg deliciousness to New Zealand," says Kane.


"The unique new packaging offers people a fun way to enjoy the Cadbury Oreo Easter Egg with its amazing vanilla flavoured cream and biscuit filling - just Peel, Pop and Eat!

A range of Cadbury Oreo Egg packs are currently available at major retailers, including the 34g individual egg and 190g gift boxes.

- Additional reporting, NZ Herald