Setting goals, planning holidays and breathing deep are all key to beating back-to-work blues, according to an Auckland life coach.

North Shore life coach Julianne Harvey gave the Herald five tips to ensure first days back go smoothly.

1 Know that you're in the same boat as everyone else

Being aware you're in the same boat as others would help put things in perspective, Harvey said.


"People could be feeling depressed or down, or they could be looking forward to going back to it. However you're feeling, you're not alone."

2 Create goals for the year

"Having goals helps. Make a plan for the year, step forward into it. Ask yourself what you want to achieve this year, then ask: 'What can I do to achieve my goals?'"

3 Plan holidays

The best blues beater was giving yourself something to look forward to, Harvey said, even if it was something later in the year.

"Plan a holiday, it's something to keep you stimulated and something to anticipate.

"Surprise holidays often aren't the best, because you miss out on all the joy of planning it."

4 Take a moment to breathe

Simply taking a moment to breathe "right into your gut" would allow thoughts to flow and better decisions to be made, the North Shore life coach said.

"Check in with your breathing if you're feeling stressed. "

5 Look forward to catching up with co-workers

"Connection is vital for us. Look forward to seeing people."

Harvey said that after being on holiday for a few weeks, it was important to reconnect with others around us in the workplace.