A Kiwi woman has taken to social media to vent her frustration after an airline's automated voice machine did not recognise her "accent".

The woman called up Jetstar after her scheduled flight for Monday was cancelled - but the voice-controlled service failed to understand her.

She claimed she repeatedly said her name at least five times but the phone conversation escalated into fury.

"Flight tomorrow was cancelled so I had to call Jetstar to re-book. Their automated voice service is STRAYA AS [sic]," she claimed in a Facebook post on Sunday evening.


"[It] didn't understand a cot damned word I said unless I talked like Shazza and then s*** itself when it couldn't understand my name after five tries [sic]."

The woman said the machine repeatedly said: "I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you. Please state your full name. For example, John Smith."

"If I have to do a Tom Hanks in Auckland I will be unimpressed," she continued.

The woman claimed she tried to speak as clearly as possible but to no avail.

"Casually yelling out my name in the backyard while the neighbours are like wtf. FML [sic]," she claimed.

But despite the difficulties, the woman saw the funny side to it as she claimed the voice machine was speaking "in the most strayan [sic] accent ever".

On Monday morning, she confirmed she was at the airport waiting to board her flight.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: "The automated voice service is designed to detect key words regardless of accent.

"If there is an issue, customers are connected to a customer care representative.

"Customers can get in touch via a range of options including Facebook Messenger, website live chat, phone or Skype."

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the woman for comment.