A new quiz claims to determine the ability of users' colour sensitivity by asking participants to identify almost invisible objects.

The test from Playbuzz asks players to guess the fifth object in a sequence ranging from letters, to numbers and even shapes.

The sequences start in a darker colour and get lighter throughout so that the final object in the sequence is nearly invisible.

In the first couple of rounds of the test the final addition to the sequence is still relatively visible but as the game moves on the visibility becomes less clear.


Those who ace the test are said to have "flawless vision and a rare gift for colour sensitivity."

The ending message also reveals aspects of the users personality. Its says: "You never give up, you work hard to achieve your goals and when people are asked to describe you, the first two words they use are: 'smart' and 'perfectionist'."

Those who struggle with the questions are warned that they may have a slight colour vision deficiency.

Think your eyesight is top notch? Scroll down to take the test yourself!