A double amputee has become the subject of debate on social media after being rejected for a housing loan by two banks because he is unable to provide fingerprints.

Wu Jianping, 25, is now being given a "green passage" by authorities in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan Province, as a workaround to the awkward circumstances.

The young man first came across the problem when he paid 55,000 RMB ($11,287) to a real estate agency as a deposit for a new home and then sought to finalise the purchase with mortgage.

But when he approached local banks to loan the remaining sum, staff told him they could not go through with his application because he could not provide fingerprints.


Wu, who lost both his arms in an electrical accident at the age of five, said he was able to provide a signature by holding a pen in his mouth, but the banks said fingerprinting was crucial to prevent fraud.

After Wu's story got out netizens on Chinese social media became highly critical of the process and said it lacked compassion for those in China's disabled community, where there are countless in Wu's position.

Zhengzhou's Housing Management Bureau - the city's highest housing authority - later declared the green passage would be opened for Wu and other likes him to ensure that they were eligible for mortgage loans too.

Reports did not say what alternative authentication methods Wu would use.

- australscope